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Weekend Winners and Losers - Alert HQ BUY and SELL signals for February 5, 2010

This is a little different than the usual quick post announcing that the weekend's stock signals are now available at Alert HQ. I wanted to announce that I have made some changes to how some of the signals are generated.

I have blended a calculation of Slow Stochastics into the determination of the Swing Trading Signals. Slow Stochastics is another approach to determining when a stock is moving from being over-bought and into a decline or from being over-sold and then into a rally. Combined with the Bollinger Band analysis and Williams %R calculations that were already in place, the Swing Trading Signals should be more reliable. There may also be fewer signals generated on any particular day now that the criteria have become a little more stringent.

There has also been an improvement in the way we identify Trend Busters. The algorithm is now more precise and determining when the stock price broke above or below the trend line has become more accurate. The result is that you will likely see a larger number of stocks on the Trend Busters list.

This weekend's signals --

Today we have the following stock picks and signals:
  • Based on daily data, we have 6 Alert HQ BUY signals and 252 SELL signals
  • Based on weekly data, we have 5 Alert HQ BUY signal and 180 SELL signals
  • We have 93 Bollinger Band Breakouts based on daily data and 175 Breakouts based on weekly data.
  • We have 827 Cash Flow Kings
  • 28 Swing Signals -- 24 BUY signals and 3 SELL Signals plus one Strong BUY
  • 108 Trend Leaders, all in strong up-trends according to Aroon, MACD and DMI. We have 19 stocks that are new additions to the list and 28 that fell off the previous list.
  • 104 Trend Busters based on daily data of which only 7 are BUY signals. We also have 323 Trend Busters based on weekly data.
  • 46 Gap Signals -- stocks with upside or downside gaps or gaps that have been closed. We also have 204 Gap Signals based on weekly data.
The view from Alert HQ --

Well, the SELL signals keep piling up and it's no surprise. Major averages suffered another down week, especially the Russell 2000 which was off 1.5%.

Friday, however, stocks finished strong in the last hour and this provided a little juice for our Swing Signals list which actually shows a good number of BUY signals. Elsewhere, BUY signals are few and far between and those that do show up are all the more notable for doing so. Many are driven by earnings news and that's the best kind of underpinning for a rally.

So as this market teeters on the edge of a correction, maintain a position of caution. But keep an eye on our Alert HQ signals and make sure you have a few good candidates to invest in when it's time to get back into this market.

Using our signals --

Visit Alert HQ to view or download your free lists of stock alerts. The alerts based on weekly data show those stocks that have exhibited some good follow-through after a recent trend reversal. If you want to be early in identifying the newest trend reversals, the lists based on daily data are for you.

If you're a momentum trader, the Trend Leaders list is a good place to go shopping. If you have no faith in technical analysis, the Cash Flow Kings may be just what you are looking for. If you practice technical analysis, check out the Trend Busters. And if you are a short-term trader or even a day trader, our Swing Signals or Gap Signals may provide some good trading ideas. See them all at Alert HQ.

Remember, we also provide our latest updated Swing Signals, Trend Leaders, Gaps and Trend Busters on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Found a few stock picks you are interested in? If you are looking to refine your entry and exit points, you should take a look at what our friends at Hottinger's E-Zone Signals have to offer.


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