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January 2007 Pick o' the Month - PacificNet (PACT)

With this month's pick I am continuing a trend of identifying lesser-known stocks that are undergoing a reversal and appear to be moving up.

Stock markets have been red hot in China and India for the past year. This month's pick is a Chinese stock, PacificNet (PACT). The TradeRadar BUY signal was first flashed on 12/19/06 at $5.23. Since then, the stock has seen more good news and has moved up to $6.18 as of the last trading day of 2006. To see this TradeRadar BUY signal, click here. Note that the signal strength is pretty decent and the signal shape is quite well-defined. This leads me to believe we have a real reversal underway and that the newly established trend upward will continue. PACT has exhibited plenty of volatility over the years though so I am sure the path upward will not be smooth.

PACT had recently taken a hit as a result of taking charges for exiting a business segment related to telecommunications. They are continuing with their involvement in providing CRM pro…

And still another new feature on the web site - Investor Toolbox

I have added another new feature called the Investor Toolbox.

There are more financial sites out there on the web than can be counted. Most of them are looking to make money through paid subscription. I have listed sites that provide a significant amount of free content or tools. They are serious about providing a "try before you buy" experience for their customers.

I have categorized the sites based on their strengths and have provided comments on what is best or most unique about each site. Some sites are mentioned more than once because they are strong in more than one category. Speaking of which, the categories are as follows:
Stock Signals and Technical AnalysisBig investing sitesTrack the Market - Live (quotes, news and charts, delayed 15 minutes)Stock ScreenersChartsAnalysis and CommentaryDownload Historical QuotesInvestor Education
I'm sure the list is not exhaustive but we've got a solid set of tools to support your investing activities and make the path to prof…

New feature added to web site - Daily News Mashup

I have added another new feature to the web site associated with this blog. It is called the "Daily News".

I have pulled together financial news, opinion, analysis and commentary from a variety of sources across the web. Some sources are well known, some are not. All are of high quality and are updated throughout the day. If you are an investor, you will appreciate getting all this in one place:
Seeking AlphaTicker SenseBusiness & Finance from ETF TrendsDigStock.comSchaeffer's Daily Market RecapScheaffer's Daily Market BlogFinancial blog posts from TailrankYahoo Business NewsRead the Daily News and be prepared for your trading day. More important than your first cup of coffee!

More new features added

The web site pages that augment this blog are in pretty decent shape now and I have made some improvements to the blog itself.

The screenshots of the TradeRadar application are in place with explanations of what each screen does.

I have deployed the Tracking page where I keep the status of past TradeRadar picks updated. You will see a ticker with the latest prices and a table describing the current situation. Here is where I will admit to failures and revel in successes.

For those of you who have downloaded the TradeRadar application, I intend to update the Help file soon and will be posting it on the Download page. It should be ready within the next week.

I have also added some cool new tools to this blog. Those of you who have visited lately may have noticed the Trade Radar Stock Consultant form in the left sidebar. The Stock Consultant site provides automated technical analysis of stocks and options including charts, timing indicators, support and resistance, etc.

I have joined an exce…

How to Profit in Today's Real Estate Market

Gloom and Doom

Everyone has heard that the real estate bubble has burst, interest rates are not conducive to homebuying, it's a buyers market, new home construction is plummeting, houses are sitting unsold for longer periods of time, etc. Stocks of most builders are well off their highs. Some say we have not yet seen the bottom in this market.

All this is enough to attract those with a contrarian bent. If you are looking to buy when the news is bad, could this be a good time to jump in?

It all depends on how you approach the real estate market. What we have seen in the real estate market is the demise of easy money and, with it, the demise of the McMansion. There is still significant activity in more modest homebuilding as well as in urban apartments, offices and condominiums. The companies that are diversified or derive significant revenue from these still active areas are prepared to rebound or, indeed, already have. Those companies that are still addicted to the wide margins avail…

New features: Weekly Market Call, Monthly Stock Pick

I have been busy enhancing the blog and the associated web site. I have added two new features which will be updated on a regular basis:
The Weekly Market Call - here I use the Trade Radar signal to indicate whether the current trend in the three major market averages (Dow Industrials, S&P 500, NASDAQ 100) is steady or changing. This is presented as a simple up or down indicator. The current week is compared to the previous week. If last week was up and this week is down, for example, it means Trade Radar is signalling a top with a reversal to the downside in progress.Pick o' the Month - here I will highlight stocks or ETFs that, according to the Trade Radar signal, are undergoing a reversal.On the web site, I will soon be rolling out a page that shows what the Trade Radar software looks like. Here you can see screen shots of some of the most important features of the program. I will also provide a link to the Help file so you can get an idea of how to set up and use the system…

Trade Radar software available for download

We now have a download site set up so you can directly download the TradeRadar software, free of charge. No need to send me emails requesting the software.

I am always interested in feedback. If the help file doesn't make it clear how to use the software, send your questions to and I will be happy to respond. If the program is crashing or otherwise acting strangely, I want to know about that, too.

Have fun generating your own signals. Email or comment to let us know how you are doing.

Go to the download page now.

Use ETFs to profit in down markets as well as up markets

IntroductionMany money management professionals take advantage of various hedging strategies to avoid being whipsawed by the markets and to avoid losing money in down markets. They may use combinations of swaps, options, futures and derivatives to offset risk and to generate returns when traditional investments are losing value.Some of the investment tools used by these professionals are now available to the public. There are several companies that have developed families of mutual funds and ETFs that bundle all these exotic vehicles into easy to understand funds that track common indexes. I will focus on two companies, Rydex and ProShares, as I describe a strategy that will allow you to invest and profit like the professionals. Both companies have products that track, as a minimum, the Dow, the NASDAQ 100 and the S&P 500. What is interesting and pertinent to our discussion here is that they also have funds that track the INVERSE of the associated index. For example, if one fund t…

FCEL - Buy Signal Fails to Materialize, Weekly Roundup

With the market in uncertain territory lately, the buy signal for FCEL did not come through. The stock has been mostly down for the past week and TradeRadar clearly indicates this is not the time to buy.

As for the other two picks I have posted about, Generex (GNBT) and Eight-by-Eight (EGHT) have both slowed their advance. Generex continues to put out press releases about successes it is having with its new drug delivery systems and Eight-by-Eight recently announced that Office Max will be carrying it's products. The news is decent but the charts are weakening. An analyst announcing that he still has doubts about EGHT effectively killed a bounce-back in the making in that stock this week but I am still rating it a hold if you had purchased at the time TradeRadar gave the buy signal. I am still holding GNBT, as well.