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New version of Trade-Radar Stock Inspector is released

Yes, at long, long last a new version is available! I am very please to be able to announce that Stock Inspector Version 7 is here and it is guaranteed to make finding Buy and Sell signals simpler. The major new features in this version significantly improve the ease of use of the program and add valuable new functionality. Here is a quick overview:  New Watch List and Watch List Reports plus Automated Data Download and Signal Generation Watch List functionality has been added: Click a checkbox on the Dashboard screen to designate a stock to be on the Watch List Ability to run unattended Batch Load updates for all Watch List stocks - downloads latest stock data and fundamentals and automatically generates up-to-date Buy/Sell signals viewable in Watch List reports Two reports have been created to monitor the results of data loading and signal analysis Watch List – All Signals Report : shows the result of analysis from the point of view of both B