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E-Zone System Refresh

Before I get into the E-Zones I want to introduce users of TradingStockAlerts to the Trade-Radar blog. This blog has been in existence for over 10 years but, having experienced "blogger burnout", it has been quite a while since I added any new content. In any case, since Trade-Radar LLC owns and operates and I wanted to tell users about improvements to the E-Zone System, I thought I would bring back to life the old blog and tie it to TradingStockAlerts. So, welcome, readers, I hope you find new posts (or old ones) useful. Now, on to the E-Zones. The E-Zone System was first devised some years ago, prior to the financial crisis of 2007-2008. Since its inception, markets have become ever more fast moving and volatile, with high-speed algorithm-driven trading, ETFs, etc.  It was time to revisit the E-Zone System and ensure that is was still effective in today's environment. To that end, we undertook a rigorous back-testing effort to identify po