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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Trend Leaders - the free list of stocks for Nov 14, 2008

This post is to announce that Trend Leaders, our latest list of stocks in strong up-trends, is now available at the TradeRadar site.

Readers of the TradeRadar blog are familiar with the Alert HQ free lists of stock alerts. With Alert HQ, we try to identify those stocks and ETFs that are making reversals. Every week we scan all the stocks listed on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ, over 7200 securities in all, to find those stocks or ETFs that are generating actionable BUY signals or SELL signals.

As a byproduct of the Alert HQ process we are providing a list of all the stocks or ETFs that are currently in strong up-trends. We call them Trend Leaders and the list is, of course, absolutely free.

This is our second week offering a list of Trend Leaders. Last week there were 113 stocks on it and we were hopeful that the market was at the early stages of a tradeable rally. This week there are only 37 stocks left on the list and the potential for a rally is questionable. Still, this week we are able to list a good number of stocks that have been able to maintain strong technical characteristics.

In the spirit of constant improvement, I have also created a list of Trend Leaders based on weekly data (I have been using daily data for the other lists). To my surprise, not one stock showed up on the list! This must be what it means to be in a bear market...

In the meantime, TrendLeaders presents those stocks that are bucking the down trend. If your investing style is dependent on trending and momentum, you should be able to easily find a few stocks to add to your watch list or your portfolio.

You can read more and download the free list at the TradeRadar Trend Leaders page.

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