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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yes, this rally's still intact - Alert HQ signals for Nov 10, 2009

This post is announcing that Tuesday's Swing Signals, Trend Leaders, Trend Busters and Gap Signals are now available at Alert HQ. All are based on daily data.

Today we have the following:

  • 176 Swing Signals -- 171 BUY signals and 5 SELL Signals.
  • 209 Trend Leaders, all in strong up-trends according to Aroon, MACD and DMI. We have 127 stocks that are new additions to the list and 17 that fell off the previous list.
  • 89 Trend Busters of which 84 are BUY signals and 5 are SELL signals.
  • 251 Gap Signals -- stocks with upside or downside gaps or gaps that have been closed. 127 are bearish gaps and 124 are bullish gaps.
The view from Alert HQ --

A week ago the bears began throwing in the towel. The ensuing rally has been sharp and confirmed our bullish interpretation of the Alert HQ signals from the previous Tuesday. On Monday stocks soared further based on expectations governments would not withdraw stimulus and/or accommodative policies until the world economy was more clearly on its feet.

Today markets took a bit of a rest. So far it's nothing to be alarmed about. On the contrary, our signals are still largely bullish. We still have a hearty list of Swing Trading Signals, almost all of which are BUY signals. The Trend Leaders list is still expanding and the Trend Busters list is completely dominated by BUY signals. And there still seems to be plenty of room to run, at least until we see that Trend Leaders list begins to hold 800 to 1000 stocks and ETFs.

In our opinion, it's not too late for a trade. Furthermore, the primary trend remains up so there's plenty of opportunity remaining in stocks and ETFs for the intermediate-term investor. As always, the TradeRadar signals have a good selection of stocks to choose from.

More on technical analysis --

Readers of this blog know that these lists of alerts are all based on technical analysis of price and volume data and that we aren't really bringing financial or fundamental data into the equation.

If you're interested in delving further into technical analysis, our affiliate INO TV is running a series of seminars on the subject. First up is John Murphy, an award winning teacher and author whose seminars are usually reserved for paying attendees. So feel free to take advantage of the chance to learn from a man with over 30 years successfully trading using technical analysis. Check out John Murphy at INO TV today. There's no charge!

Using our signals --

If you're a momentum trader, the Trend Leaders list is a good place to go shopping. If you practice technical analysis, check out the Trend Busters. And if you are a short-term trader or even a day trader, our Swing Signals or Gap Signals may provide some good trading ideas.

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