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Monday, March 15, 2010

Introducing the Trade Radar Stock Market Research Assistant

I've introduced a new feature to the Trade Radar web site tonight. It's called the Trade Radar Stock Market Research Assistant.

What it does --

When doing stock research, you might want to see a description of the company, a chart, headlines and blog posts, various sets of financial data and financial ratios, earnings call transcripts, etc. It's not unusual to have to visit several sites to see the best data in each category. At each site you have to enter a ticker symbol and navigate to the page you are actually interested in.

The Trade Radar Stock Market Research Assistant removes the drudgery. Just enter a ticker symbol one time and the Research Assistant will hit up to eleven sites to retrieve pages that present best in class data.

When I refer to "best in class" data, I mean that some sites are better at presenting certain kinds of information. I've evaluated a number of sites and created a set of resources that meet my standards for offering the most useful kinds of data.

Here are the sites queried by the Stock Market Research Assistant:
  • Profile at Yahoo Finance - offers a quick description of the company
  • Key Statistics at Yahoo Finance - presents a good financial overview
  • Headlines at Yahoo Finance - grabs the most recent company news
  • Financials at Google - Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
  • View chart at - the best charting site on the web
  • Search Google - always a good place to start a search
  • Search Blogs - the financial blogosphere is always worth checking for chatter and independent analysis  about certain companies
  • Search EDGAR - browse SEC submissions including 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K, etc
  • Financials at BusinessWeek - great presentation of four quarters or four years of financial statements in column format allows easy quarter-over-quarter or year-over-year comparisons
  • Financial Ratios at Reuters - an excellent set of ratios including many that aren't available on other sites
  • Earnings Call Transcripts at Seeking Alpha - a surprisingly thorough set of transcripts available. Read what company managers are saying and how they respond to analyst questions
You can choose one, two, three or all of these data sources. The Research Assistant will launch an appropriate number of browser windows, each one containing the page corresponding to the data you selected. This works best in browsers that support multiple tabs like Firefox and Internet Explorer 8.

Out with the old, in with the new --

To make room for the Stock Market Research Assistant I decided to retire The Daily News section of the site. This mash-up of financial news couldn't stand up to big aggregators like Seeking Alpha so it was time to find a replacement.

I hope you find the Trade Radar Stock Market Research Assistant as useful as I do. I've already started using it regularly. Give it a try the next time you're researching a stock and see if doesn't make quick work of digging up data.

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