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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Swing Signals and Trend Busters for April 24, 2009

This post is to announce that our weekend batch of new swing trading signals is available at the TradeRadar Alert HQ Swing Signals page.

Our system looks for those stocks and ETFs that have exceeded their upper or lower Bollinger Bands and then have moved back inside the Bollinger Band envelope by a certain amount. Our interpretation is that there is a reversal underway and a short-term trading opportunity has presented itself.

Today we have a total of 68 swing trading signals or which 43 are BUYs and 25 are SELLs.

Trend Busters, too --

We have also posted our weekend list of Trend Busters. These are stocks or ETFs who are breaking out above downward sloping trend lines or are breaking down below upward sloping trend lines.

We have 371 Trend Buster signals based on daily data of which 31 are BUY signals and the great majority are SELL signals.

We also have 940 Trend Buster signals based on weekly data. In this case, things are reversed: 894 of them are BUY signals.

To see today's lists you can check out the TradeRadar Swing Signals page. All 68 stocks are listed, plus we provide a free download in the form of a CSV text file which can be easily opened in Excel or any text editor. In addition to the signal and the stock symbol, we also provide some basic fundamental data to help you select the stocks that are of most interest to you.

On the Trend Busters page we list all the signals based on daily data. You can also download all the signals based on either daily or weekly data.

For a more detailed explanation of how the system works, click on this link and this link.

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