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Monday, September 10, 2007

TradeRadar software version 2.0 released

This post is to announce the release of the newest version of the TradeRadar software. The major new feature in version 2.0 is the addition of trend lines. It is available on the TradeRadar Download page in two versions: a full install and a simple upgrade.

The software attempts to identify reversals in price movement. In the case of a BUY signal, TradeRadar will now indicate whether an initial downward trend exists and whether a subsequent upward trend is in the process of being formed. The trend lines are displayed on the chart screen overlaying the price graph and moving averages.

The software has removed two indicators, Variance and Slope, and replaced them with Angle of Attack (AOA) and Trend Diff. These two new indicators display the angles associated with the trend lines. AOA shows the angle the first trend line makes with the horizontal. The Trend Diff indicator shows the angle the second trend line makes versus the first trend line; i.e., it measures how steep the reversal is.

Here is an example:

Screen shot of TradeRadar Chart View

Be sure to download the PC desktop program today from the TradeRadar Download page.

Shortly we will release the new version in the online format. Please be patient while we work to bring the online version of TradeRadar up to the level of 2.0 and also update the training videos.

Be sure to email me or comment on this post if you have questions or wish to share your experiences using TradeRadar. Best of luck in all your investing activities!

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