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Thursday, May 15, 2008

TradeRadar Version 3.0 - Advanced Release Available

As a courtesy to those who use the TradeRadar software and read this blog or subscribe to the RSS feed, I wanted to provide advance notice that the version 3.0 upgrade package is available at the following link:

Download Version 3.0 Upgrade

This download page is not yet public and can only be accessed from this blog post.

Note that this assumes you have installed one of the previous versions of TradeRadar. This upgrade download package includes new or updated components; it is not the full install.

What's new in this version --

The software adds a number of new indicators. Rather than making users become experts on numerous kinds of technical and fundamental analysis, we have extended the simple color-coded system we introduced in previous versions to cover the new indicators. As always, Green is good, Red is bad and Yellow implies caution.

There are several bug fixes and improvements in the trend line angle analysis. You can read the details in the TradeRadar help file that is included in the download package.

Some of the new features are described below:

New technical indicators --
  • Aroon - Shows whether a stock is trending or oscillating. Also gives an indication of how strong an existing trend may be.
  • DMI - Directional Movement Index. An indicator developed by J. Welles Wilder for identifying when a definable trend is present.
  • Chaikin Money Flow - Combines price and volume to show how money may be flowing into or out of a stock.
  • 50-day moving average confirmation - indicates where the most recent closing price is in relation to this important moving average
As you can see, all the new indicators are most useful for determining trend. Since identifying trend reversals is what TradeRadar is all about, these new indicators will help us decide if the trend reversal is valid.

Fundamental indicators --

The following financial information is now included on the Dashboard screen:
  • Market capitalization - useful if you choose to avoid micro-caps, for example
  • Price/Earnings ratio - can be used as a value indicator, to determine if a stock is too expensive or whether it has earnings at all
  • Price/Sales ratio - another value indicator, especially for stocks that are not profitable
  • PEG ratio - price/earnings growth ratio, a value indicator
Each has a Red/Green/Yellow signal associated with to indicate level of risk based on the value.

The name of the stock or ETF will also be displayed on the Dashboard now.

Email if you experience problems, have questions or want to provide feedback.

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