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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

TradeRadar - Version 1.1 Released

The latest version of TradeRadar has been released. It is easier to use and has a bug fix that will make your SELL signals more accurate.

New Features

  • Corrected a bug in the Signal Strength calculation when generating a SELL signal
  • Added ability to click on a point on a chart and set that point as either the Window Start or Window End
  • Full install and upgrade available

Special Instructions for Current Users Only

Warning - If you have downloaded TradeRadar before and you elect to download and run the full install, be sure to back up your database to a different folder. You may use the Backup feature from within the TradeRadar software for this. The installation will over-write your existing database. When the installation is complete, copy your old database over the new one. You may use the Restore feature from within the TradeRadar software to do this.

Upgrade - If you are a current user of TradeRadar and you do not wish to run the full installation, there is an upgrade available. This is a much smaller, faster download and you will not have to worry about over-writing your database. Just copy the new program and help file to your current TradeRadar directory. Be sure to check the Read-Me file included in the download to review these instructions.

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